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LATEST NEWS: UK dominates 2016 QS online MBA rankings with 7 of the top 10 spots whilst the US dominates the FT 2016 online MBA rankings with 6 of the top 10 spots. IE Business School (Spain) and Warwick Business School (UK) occupy the top 2 positions for another year.

What is an MBA?

What is the Master of Business Administration  all about?



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From its origins at the start of the 20th Century to the current day.




An overview of the Graduate Management Admission Test.



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What role does accreditation play, who provides the accreditation and why does it matter?



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Online MBA's come in all shapes, sizes and subject specialties ranging from accounting to tourism.



Business Education

LBS appoints François Ortalo-Magné as dean
François Ortalo-Magné will replace Sir Andrew Likierman in 2017
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Insead’s €5,200 summer school for teenagers
The elite French MBA provider is teaching the basics of business to those aged between 15 and 17
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Copy top chefs by taking a knife to job descriptions
Study of top restaurants’ hiring approach suggests brevity is best
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So many people, and so many events…It’s an Oxford thing
Influenced by all manner of encounters, my mind has been opened in ways I would never have expected
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Business leadership: influence is an art, not science
People tend to have a preferred style which is then overused, but you can learn to blend different techniques
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