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LATEST NEWS: UK dominates 2016 QS online MBA rankings with 7 of the top 10 spots whilst the US dominates the FT 2016 online MBA rankings with 6 of the top 10 spots. IE Business School (Spain) and Warwick Business School (UK) occupy the top 2 positions for another year.

What is an MBA?

What is the Master of Business Administration  all about?



MBA brief history

From its origins at the start of the 20th Century to the current day.




An overview of the Graduate Management Admission Test.



Online MBA rankings

Leading online MBA rankings from across the globe.



Best online MBA programs

Our own in-house assessment of the 'best of the best' online MBA programs.


Cheapest online MBA programs

We don't mean cheap, we mean best 'value proposition'.



Top online MBA providers by country

Profiles of all the leading global online MBA providers sorted by country.



The role of MBA accreditation               

What role does accreditation play, who provides the accreditation and why does it matter?



Online MBA specialties                   

Online MBA's come in all shapes, sizes and subject specialties ranging from accounting to tourism.



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