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ABOUT:  Yale online MBA - currently no program exists but check the Yale site in case the current situation changes. 


"In 1971 the University received a bequest from the estate of Frederick W. Beinecke, PhB 1909, for the creation of a program in management.


Two years later, the Yale Corporation approved the creation of a School of Organization and Management, which would confer a master’s degree in public and private management (MPPM). The first class arrived in the fall of 1976.


The new school offered a two-year program designed to train managers who could be effective in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors, and who would have the skills, understanding, and perspective to move among those sectors effectively.


“Business and government are growing more interrelated,” an early admissions catalog said, “requiring effective managers in each sector, public and private, to understand in depth the goals and operations of the other.”


In 1994 the school changed its name to the Yale School of Management. In 1999 it began offering a master of business administration (MBA) degree, while maintaining its multi-sectoral focus.


In 2006 the school introduced an integrated core curriculum, designed to train leaders for the cross-functional environment of contemporary organizations. In multi­disciplinary, team-taught core courses, students learn to draw on a broad range of information, tools, and skills to develop creative solutions and make strategic decisions.


In 2012 Yale SOM convened the Global Network for Advanced Management, a network of business schools from both developed and developing economies that act together to advance understanding of global business.


In the same year, the school introduced the Master of Advanced Management program, a one-year program in advanced leadership and management for those who have earned or are earning an MBA or equivalent degree from a Global Network school.


In January 2014 the school moved into Edward P. Evans Hall, an entirely new campus designed to build on the school's strengths in innovation, curriculum, community, and global engagement."


 - source: Yale School of Management website.


ETHOS: "Our mission is to educate leaders for business and society.
And Yale SOM is a place where the mission matters, where students, alumni, faculty, and staff embrace its meaning and implications.
It provides both long-term strategic guidance about what the school is and should be and informs decisions and actions on a daily basis."


 - source: Yale School of Management website.


STUDY OPTIONS: Programs include a two year full time option and an Executive MBA which allows students to study whilst they work. Joint degree programs are also offered with current options covering law, medicine, engineering, global affairs and environmental management amongst others.




FULL TIME COST: c$60,000 per year for full time option, $155,000 for EMBA option.





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