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ABOUT:  University of Nebraska at Lincoln UNL online MBA - The online MBA program delivered through the College of Business Administration at UNL.


It is one of the leading US and global providers and this is evidenced through online MBA rankings, for example, ranked 10th in the world by the Financial Times in 2015.


ETHOS: "We are a community of scholars dedicated to educating and molding the next generation of ethical leaders for Nebraska and the world.


We strive to provide an exceptional education for our students, and to create high impact research that informs important business questions of our day."


 - source: UNL College of Business Administration website.            


STUDY OPTIONS: "Our on-line delivery along with modular scheduling allows you; today's busy working professional, the opportunity to participate in an internationally recognized program without putting your career on hold.


Whether you travel extensively, have a job that prevents you from attending traditional on-campus classes, or have family obligations that limit your available time, the flexibility of on-line delivery brings the UNL MBA to you – on your schedule.


The first-year curriculum focuses on the basics of business. Cross functional classes apply skills learned in one class to develop solutions in another class.


Business skills are honed, and electives allow students to tailor a program to their career interest. A total of 48 hours are required to complete the MBA degree. Full-time students can complete the program in less than two years.


Students who work full-time and take classes part-time can finish the program in 3-4 years."


 - source: UNL College of Business Administration website.




COST: c$25,500. Broken down as c$531 per credit hour (48 hours required to complete program).





Inside the College of Business Administration

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