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ABOUT:  Online MBA option currently not available. Check Stern website for latest position.


 "Since its inception in 1900, New York University Stern School of Business has been in and of New York City.


Founded as the School of Commerce, Finance and Accounting, the School initially offered training to students for careers in commerce in the burgeoning financial markets of New York City.


Today, located in the heart of Greenwich Village with a campus in Westchester, Stern is one of the nation’s premier management education schools and research centers with a broad portfolio of academic programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels.


With its global partnerships and engagement in NYU’s global network university, today NYU Stern is not only in and of the city, but also in and of the world."


 - source: NYU Stern website.


ETHOS: "We believe in the tremendous potential of individuals to solve global problems through the power of business.


Founded on this belief, our vision is to develop people and ideas that transform 21st century problems into opportunities to create value for business and society.

An Education in Possible is our promise to deliver a unique education that combines rigor in the classroom with engagement beyond the classroom to broaden perspectives and change mindsets.


We promote disruptive thinking and encourage experimentation to create value. We fulfill our promise through four core values: Academic Excellence, IQ + EQ, Collaborative Community and The Energy of a Global Hub."


 - source: NYU Stern website.


STUDY OPTIONS: Full time MBA, Part time MBA, EMBA (including a Global EMBA aimed at Global Managers), Dual degree offerings.




FULL TIME COST: c$120,000. Based on c$2,010 per credit, program typically takes 60 credits.




NYU Stern is....

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