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ABOUT:  Online MBA option currently not offered. Refer to the Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business website for latest position.


The Mendoza College of Business is a comprehensive full-time business school at the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana, United States.


It offers six majors in the undergraduate program and four graduate degrees—MBA, EMBA, accountancy and non-profit management.


The college's undergraduate program was ranked #1 by Bloomberg Businessweek for fifth consecutive year in 2014.


The Mendoza College of Business was founded in 1921 by Holy Cross priest, John Francis O'Hara. Rev. O'Hara later became the president of the University and a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.


Four years earlier, in 1917, Notre Dame had become the first university in the United States to launch a four-year program of study in "foreign commerce."


Roger Huang, Martin J. Gillen Dean and Kenneth R. Meyer Professor of Global Investment Management, joined the College in 2000. In March 2000, the College of Business received a naming gift from NetApp, Inc. executives, Tom and Kathy Mendoza."


 - source: Wickipedia.


ETHOS: "Our Mission To build a premier Catholic business school that fosters academic excellence, professional effectiveness and personal accountability in a context that strives to be faithful to the ideals of community, human development and individual integrity.


Is it enough to want to do the right thing?

No. You have to demonstrate the courage to act with conviction, to learn how to analyze ethical dilemmas and develop the moral imagination to find positive alternatives.


What does it take to be authentic? To be true to your core values, especially in business, where some corporate cultures value quarterly earnings and shortcuts over long-term company growth and human concern for others?


Knowing does not always lead to doing.
  • Lead with integrity.
  • Make decisions based in what is ethically right.
  • Integrate our personal values into our daily actions.
  • Act with authenticity and transparency.
  • Demonstrate moral courage in the face of adversity."


 -source: Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business website.


STUDY OPTIONS: Full time (one year program), full time two year program, Executive MBA and Dual MBA degrees.









Mendoza College of Business: introduction to Notre Dame MBA program

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