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ABOUT:  The Florida State University / FSU online MBA - is delivered through the FSU College of Business.


Founded in 1950, the College of Business is proud of its international reputation.


 "The Florida State Master of Business Administration (MBA) will equip you with the skills, expertise and professional network needed to advance in today’s fast-paced business world.


Our program is designed for highly motivated individuals seeking a competitive edge.


Our MBA courses are taught by renowned College of Business faculty members who provide students with individualized attention. Our location in the state capital offers unparalleled access to top industry policymakers and regulators.


We take pride in our innovative curriculum, the strength of our alumni network and our excellent career placement efforts. Florida State MBA graduates secure positions at top corporations that include Accenture, EY, Deutsche Bank, Gartner, CSX and Harris Corp.


 - source: FSU website.



 "Vision: To be a preeminent College of Business in the areas of teaching, research and service.


Mission: To be a thought leader in business research and to teach students innovative ways to leverage risk management, entrepreneurial expertise and the spectrum of business disciplines to create ethical, sustainable solutions. 


Core Values
  • We Choose Integrity
  • We Choose Innovation
  • We Choose Excellence
  • We Choose Respect
  • We Choose Leadership"


 - source: FSU website.


STUDY OPTIONS: Accelerated full time MBA, Evening part-time MBA, MBA joint degree with Law or Social Work, Online MBA, Online MBA with Real Estate Specialism, Online MBA with major in Hospitality and Tourism Management. 


Online MBA (39 credit hours)
From the convenience of home or the office, hone your skills and collaborate with high-caliber peers in an environment that fosters creativity and rewards problem-solving. You’ll take classes that are taught by the same world-renowned professors who teach on campus and who are recognized leaders in their fields of research.


Our online MBA program is affordable and flexible, thus ideal for mobile military personnel and business executives on the go. Lessons learned can be immediately applied at work. The program takes seven semesters to complete. Students pay the same price, plus applicable fees, for courses regardless of location."


 - source: FSU website.




COST: c$31,000. Minimum credits = 39 at $800 per credit. 28 months to complete on average.




Pursue an MBA at Florida State University College of Business

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