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ABOUT: - no online program currently exists, check the business school website for updates.


The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management is the graduate business school of Cornell University, located in Ithica, New York. Cornell is an Ivy League University which traces its routes back to 1865.


The business school was founded in 1946 and renamed in 1984. 


ETHOS: " Johnson’s location, at the heart of the largest and most diverse Ivy League University, offers its students endless opportunities to connect with all that Cornell offers while pursuing their MBA degrees. Through coursework and by interacting with students and faculty from around the university, students can pursue broad interests for their future business careers in any subject - from real estate and hospitality, to engineering, law and Chinese. When they complete their studies at Johnson, graduates can tap into a network of 250,000 committed and engaged Cornell University alumni.


Johnson’s programs are kept deliberately small so that students can build close bonds, collaborate intensively with one another, and learn strong teamwork and leadership skills. The supportive culture of Johnson that exists within our residential and Executive MBA classrooms also gives students the freedom and support to test out new ideas and approaches in encouraging environments. Johnson graduates emerge with demonstrable leadership skills that make them highly valuable and celebrated by top organizations around the world.


Our world-class faculty brings the results of its research into the classroom—new knowledge that our students can apply to real business problems and situations through immersions, projects, and on the job. This unique combination of theory and practice allows our students to hone their business knowledge and acumen to become leaders who can craft realistic, yet creative solutions. The curricula in all of our programs ensure that our students have the flexible skills for today’s ever-changing business environment, while providing them ample opportunities to focus on their specific career interests.


Johnson has the ability to extract the best from the best. We are committed to continually challenge what we do and how we do it so we can remain a distinctive premier global business school and ensure that in today’s ever dynamic world of business and socioeconomic unknowns, our students are prepared to lead and solve complex global problems."


 - source: Johnson Cornell University website.


STUDY OPTIONS: One year full time, two year full time and Executive MBA options. No online option currently avaialble.


DURATION: 22 months minimum for the EMBA.




FULL TIME COST: c$157,000 for the EMBA.





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