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ABOUT: The Carnegie Mellon business school traces its roots back to 1949, today, known as the Tepper School of Business, it is recognized as among the world’s most innovative business schools, with particular focus on research and teaching in the areas of organizational behavior, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, marketing and operations and operations research.


ETHOS: "Our vision is that the Tepper School of Business will be recognized as one of the world’s most innovative and impactful business schools; where research and learning advances management practice and produces leaders who will transform business and society.


The mission of the Tepper School of Business is:

·      to create and disseminate new knowledge through research and education that advances the practice of business, and enhances our understanding of the role of business in society;

·      to serve our students by teaching them critical thinking; problem solving and leadership skills; and the value of a commitment to excellence, ethical behavior and respect for one another;

·      to pursue the advantages provided by a diverse and relatively small university community that is open to the exchange of ideas and where discovery, creativity and personal and professional development can flourish; and

·      to contribute to the broader educational and research missions of Carnegie Mellon by pushing back the frontiers of knowledge in economics, and by achieving excellence in undergraduate business and economics education.


Our faculty, graduates and students have an intellectual advantage that is based on a powerful combination: leadership and analytics.


Today’s global market poses exciting challenges that require an unprecedented level of leadership, and success in business requires an exceptional analytical base.


As technology and globalization continue to grow and shape the marketplace, executives are called upon to solve problems that have never been seen before.


It’s the ability to keep ahead of the speed and complexity of the market that distinguishes our graduates."


 - source: Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business website.


STUDY OPTIONS: online (part time), part-time and full time campus-based.


DURATION: c32 months.




COST: c$70,000.





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