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Typically focussed on retail managers and retail-service sector management, MBA retail specialisms look to provide industry-focused study using the latest management techniques and thinking.


"The retail industry is dynamic, continually responding to changing consumer spending whilst operating within a fast-moving, highly competitive global market. As a result, it is an industry where the need for professional and well trained managers has never been greater".


 - source: University of Stirling website (Stirling offers an online MBA in retailing).


Retail-specific strategic issues will be scrutinised in the context of core MBA 'standard' areas of study.


Programs may cover the customer perspective and developing business and marketing relationships in the sector in order to drive competitive advantage.


Typical modules might include:


Retail management context, retail strategy


Retail marketing


International retailing


The role of technology


Managing the supply chain


Managing human resource


The strategic environment


Managing change


Career opportunity benefits, due to the nature of the specialism, focused on staff already in retail and retail-aligned management positions for example retail, logistics and services marketing management positions.


MBA retail provider profile: University of Stirling Management School (UK)

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