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Operations management is a very common specialism choice in business schools across the globe yet to many, it lacks the cache of other specialisms.


Whilst its true that salaries are unlikely to rival those in the finance sector, operations management positions put graduates in the heart of the business allowing successful candidates the opportunity to really leave their mark.


Encompassing supply chain management and logistics, operations covers the basic process of turning inputs into outputs in the most effective manner be those outputs physical goods or services via human resources.


It involves a thorough understanding of the business human capital, plants and facilities, processes, technology, raw materials.



An operations leader must always be one step ahead of the competition and think strategically and often on a global scale as business processes increasingly cross country borders and continents.


Operations leaders are supreme organisers, able to work across company departments and think on different levels. They need to be able to appreciate how 'business as normal' impacts upon management and board decision-making and how the decisions 'at the top' filter down to the operational level.


Typical modules might include:


Operations management - business process fundamentals


Supply chain strategy and practice


Managerial decision making


Revenue management


Managing service operations


Global operations




Project management



MBA operations management provider profile: University of Strathclyde Business School (UK)

Introduction to operations management: University of North  Carolina (US)

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