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Human resources plays an increasingly important role in business as employers seek to gain most value from their human capital i.e. the workforce.


The role of the human resources manager is becoming increasingly complex and demanding as managers must be able to handle such challenges as employment law, recruitment, retention, health and safety, training and change management not forgetting the advisory nature of HR managers who deal with external stakeholders as well as internal ones at all levels of an organization.


Understanding organizational strategy, policy and planning provides a firm base on which students can engage in strategic decision-making.


MBA programs specializing in HR may seek to develop research skills and attempt to put theory into practice working across a range of management disciplines. Programs typically use real world examples to underpin learning and work-based assignments to help establish your skills base and knowledge.


Examples of MBA with Human Resource management modules are shown below:


Leadership, management and development


Human resource management


Leadership in practice


Strategic management


Management principles and practices


Research methods


Marketing principles and practices


Financial decision making


Operations management



In terms of career prospects, MBA HR graduates are well placed for careers in personnel management but will also prove to be highly prized in related areas such as management consultancy, training and development, recruitment and occupational psychology.


Online MBA human resource management provider profile: Baker College (US)

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