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oMBAo ranking

Our unique in-house ranking based on leading league tables. MARCH 2016.

CEO online MBA ranking

Based on the principle of rating quality plus a return on investment. FEBRUARY 2016.


FT online MBA ranking

Entries must be internationally accredited and have run for four years. MARCH 2016.


QS online MBA ranking

18 indicators and must be AACBS, AMBA, EQUIS or EPAS accredited. MARCH 2016.


USnews & world report online MBA ranking        

Based on US providers only, reputation and graduation rates. JANUARY 2016.

EdUniversal Executive MBA ranking   

Paris-based ranking agency assessing programs across 154 countries.



Princeton Review online MBA ranking     

US-focused. Based on surveys of students and administrators. MAY 2015.


The Economist MBA ranking FULL TIME

Methodology heavily based on student views over several years. OCTOBER 2015.


Let's get straight to the point. Any ranking methodology is going to be subjective and influenced by the selection of elements used to generate and judge the scoring outcomes. The best advice is to be aware of the factors that matter most to you and then calibrate that against the various online MBA rankings methodologies.


A note of caution about online MBA rankings. Rankings demonstrate selection bias as they limit the population being assessed. Quality programs exist outside of the ranking field of view. Rankings provide very little in the way of objective data about program quality and finally, many leading Business Schools provide limited engagement with some ranking providers.


With this in mind, we have created our own unique onlineMBAonline ranking and bring together the major esteemed rankings covering online MBA's and shine a light on the ranking methodology. Click below to view rankings and methodologies.



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