Accelerated online MBA programs

Accelerated online MBA programs, as the name suggests, allows students to complete online MBA programs in a quicker time period due to the intensive nature of the program. 


Accelerated online MBA programs typically take between 10 and 15 months to complete and are quickly growing in popularity. This is not surprising given the obvious benefits to a students (and employers) time and money. In addition, the intense nature of this mode of study means that the extent of the interruption and impact on a career is not so great when compared to a 2 year course. 


Some courses are still labelled as 'accelerated' even though they last two years so students are advised to check out the duration particulars as part of their own research.


Students should expect the pace of learning and intensity of exams to be higher in an accelerated program and is best suited to those with a business-based first degree combined with experience in the field.




Accelerated online MBA programs may not allow for the same type of networking experience of their campus-based alternatives.


Expect to work hard! You are likely to have little time for much else - but they are well worth the effort and sacrifice. The best online MBA programs don't come cheap, but the rewards on a financial and personal level more than make up for it.

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