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Starting with some history, our homepage briefly covers the evolution of the MBA and provides a personal insight from a global sports star.


We take a look at the leading online MBA programs using the major online MBA rankings - these rankings have been selected to provide a global outlook. We go one step further by providing our very own in-house ranking.


Aside from ranking, online MBA accreditation is the other major indicator of program and institution quality and we devote a whole section to this subject.


We also appreciate that the market is competitive and truly global. Cost information is included wherever possible and we round of the site by looking at the best online MBA programs from around the world.


MBA's are life changing!

You won't have to look far on the internet - for example Youtube - to find countless stories of how an MBA qualification goes far beyond just having letters after your name.


It literally changes your life. The video below is one example - in this case three MBA students on the Lisbon program explain the impact MBA study has had on them...

The Lisbon MBA is a joint-venture between NOVA SBE and CATÓLICA-LISBON, the leading business schools in Portugal.

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