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In our humble opinion 'best' can either be defined through cost or quality measures. One of the challenges in determining 'best' is that ultimately you have to make that call not someone else.


In an effort to cater for the many personal criteria out there we have arranged our site to look at these things in a sytemmatic manner so:


If online MBA rankings drive you wild, check out our review of the leading online league tables - we've even got the cheek to come up with one of our own.


Accreditation bodies are examined along with the scope and reasons why accreditation status should matter to you if you are considering spending your hard-earned on a program.


For those on a tight budget, we look at the 'cheapest' online MBA's - always worth throwing in a note of caution at this point, for those in this position, please do your research. You generally get what you pay for and its always worth noting the payback on your initial outlay so as to avoid the potential 'false economy' trap.


We have come up with what we think are the top online MBA providers from around the world by using a quality combination of accreditation status and online MBA ranking performance. We compliment these national lists with provider profiles including course and cost information wherever possible.









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